By following the “Lose Weight 16 Kg In One Month Diet Plan” you will be giving yourself the gift of losing weight effectively and fast! The plan was named because the vast majority of people who follow it end up losing the stated weight in a month (i.e. Low Carb Healthy Quick Recipes). But before you start on this diet plan you need to make a deal with yourself that you just won’t break. The deal is to follow each pointer and act on them no matter what. This applies if it says don’t eat sugar, spices, or whatever that is not included in the plan. Start with drinking at least 2 Liters of water every day.

Lose Weight 16 Kg In One Month Diet Plan
In the first week you can only eat chicken breast, boiled or grilled without salt, spices and other condiments. You can also eat boiled eggs and any kind of cheese. This is the group of foods you get to eat during the first week so stick with them. Of course it may be hard to eat the same thing again and again for seven days. But you made a commitment to yourself right? Plus this is part of the goal to lose 16 kg in one month.

After the first week and for the next two weeks you can mix it up just a little. The diet is the same as the first week but you can now add in cucumber and tomatoes. This should be a welcome variety after week 1!

As an alternative you can add in peaches and watermelon. Make it a point to stick with the chicken and boiled eggs and you can add any fruits and vegetables you want.

The burn more calories portion of this plan consists of exercising regularly. You can jog every day if that is something you want to do to burn calories. Or you can join a gym. Now joining a gym would be good when you are having problems sticking to exercise. Because in the gym there are a lot of people who have been or who are in your situation and these people can encourage you to keep on. Another benefit is that since you are paying for the gym you will tend to be compelled to use it. If you will follow this diet without any lapses then to lose 16 kg in one month will be very possible for you!

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